Grandma DESTROYS Our Pie. (TRUE STORIES Series)

True story... So I decided I should bake a pie with my grandma. Even though I really don't know how to cook. I know how to microwave macaroni and cheese so I figured how could this be any different?...
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  1. CrisPBacon


    18 күн мурун

    R I P that spoon in the oven

    • U got Stickbugged

      U got Stickbugged

      17 саат мурун


  2. anonymous fairy drones

    anonymous fairy drones

    Ай мурун


    • anonymous fairy drones

      anonymous fairy drones

      Ай мурун


  3. Aiger Aoi

    Aiger Aoi

    Ай мурун

    THIS was so cute!! So sweet!memories with my grandma!!

  4. cyan us

    cyan us

    Ай мурун

    granny is so sweet and funny

  5. toast man

    toast man

    Ай мурун

    I wish I had your grandma

  6. nessaaplays Khoury

    nessaaplays Khoury

    Ай мурун

    Your nanny is the sweetest! 😁

  7. Shelly Singleton

    Shelly Singleton

    Ай мурун

    The pastry chef in me had anxiety watching this video lol

  8. Mehcomix


    Ай мурун

    I got this in my recommended and I am very happy

  9. jaryl john

    jaryl john

    Ай мурун

    Who else came here from the vlog?

  10. Yara Tristan

    Yara Tristan

    Ай мурун

    So funny 😂 she put a spoon in the oven omg

  11. Chelsea Jordan

    Chelsea Jordan

    2 ай мурун

    *Casually puts a spoon in oven and cooks the spoon*

  12. Penguin Pros

    Penguin Pros

    2 ай мурун

    i wonder what your granny would do without her

  13. TwinkelzGacha


    2 ай мурун

    Why does eyeryone use the music at the start? I used that for my intro, oh well it was copyright free soooooo

  14. Bubbles Awesome

    Bubbles Awesome

    2 ай мурун

    So cute

  15. A U B R E Y

    A U B R E Y

    2 ай мурун

    I love how you both are bonding over the fact that you both don't know how to make pie.

  16. Fawna Cipher

    Fawna Cipher

    2 ай мурун

    This is so funny, your nanny is so cute hilarious too 😂👌🏼

  17. Chrome Productions F

    Chrome Productions F

    4 ай мурун

    Yall all gangsta but when the fire detector starts beating u know u fucked up

  18. Stay Puft Splits 12

    Stay Puft Splits 12

    4 ай мурун

    Who's here after the Burger King vid?

  19. Hxney


    4 ай мурун

    "Theres no heat comin' " As you JUST put it on🤣

  20. Luna lovedraw

    Luna lovedraw

    5 ай мурун

    It has glass in the pie stuff

  21. Eline Berget-Kvernstuen

    Eline Berget-Kvernstuen

    5 ай мурун

    Just how she put the spon in the owen made me laugh

  22. The Emo weeb

    The Emo weeb

    5 ай мурун

    when I watched this, I was dying of laughter her grandma is hilarious

  23. Enriqueta Barajas

    Enriqueta Barajas

    5 ай мурун

    "Of course" The most cutest thing ell's grandma ever SAID

  24. Desiree Villalpando

    Desiree Villalpando

    5 ай мурун

    (on moms account) ell: imma rehete the oven her grandma: heret

  25. bandearg101


    5 ай мурун

    Hi ell

  26. Sydney Lafrance élève

    Sydney Lafrance élève

    5 ай мурун

    I watched this with my mum (Who bakes A LOT) and she was cringing the entire video, I, on the other hand, was laughing my bum off.

  27. P ę a c h y K ì t t y

    P ę a c h y K ì t t y

    5 ай мурун

    I swear this should be in the Simpsons 😂

  28. Shiloh Mutuku

    Shiloh Mutuku

    6 ай мурун

    First one in 2020

  29. pine tree and pointy jerk

    pine tree and pointy jerk

    6 ай мурун


  30. 《SeaLine》


    6 ай мурун

    *Beat the MILK*

  31. Elliot Holger Obel Linnet Byskov

    Elliot Holger Obel Linnet Byskov

    6 ай мурун


  32. Elliot Holger Obel Linnet Byskov

    Elliot Holger Obel Linnet Byskov

    6 ай мурун


  33. rose 123

    rose 123

    6 ай мурун


  34. M Lan

    M Lan

    7 ай мурун

    I had seen this from one of your vlog videos on your second channel but I think it's pretty funny and I felt sorry that happened!! Everyone makes mistakes as I have to say!!! I made brownies and I make mistakes too!! I actually know how to cook everything but I'm just learning

  35. Caleb Camp

    Caleb Camp

    8 ай мурун

    1:00 I can’t XD

  36. Cristal Ratliff

    Cristal Ratliff

    8 ай мурун

    Your grandmother is so funny she reminds me of my great grandmother

  37. Cynre -_-

    Cynre -_-

    9 ай мурун

    Nobody: Nanny: oH (Sorry I had too)

  38. Shannimations UwU

    Shannimations UwU

    9 ай мурун

    Your Nanny is so precious :3

  39. Predebut girl

    Predebut girl

    9 ай мурун

    "this is so easy, ma- nanny" lol

  40. dio brando

    dio brando

    10 ай мурун

    Sorry I mean BAD word

  41. dio brando

    dio brando

    10 ай мурун

    0:13 Theres a bad worldwide she Said why the f*k are we making a pie

  42. Michelle Kellogg

    Michelle Kellogg

    11 ай мурун

    nanny is so sweet and innocent now my grandma she aint afraid to woop your butt but she loves me and my siblings

  43. XxKatexX


    11 ай мурун


  44. XxKatexX


    11 ай мурун


  45. XxKatexX


    11 ай мурун


  46. Ashley Grewe

    Ashley Grewe

    11 ай мурун

    Omg! Did she actually put the spoon in the oven!

  47. Anthony Smith awesomness

    Anthony Smith awesomness

    11 ай мурун

    H you have 20,000 followers now

  48. Greg the slime

    Greg the slime

    Жыл мурун

    When the liar started I got worried but then I paused the video and it stopped XD

  49. Kayden Giles

    Kayden Giles

    Жыл мурун

    Your Grandma: I don't think so. You: **leaves Grandma alone for 5 seconds** Your Grandma: **puts spoon in oven** 😂

  50. Xxwinter WonderlandxX

    Xxwinter WonderlandxX

    Жыл мурун

    Puts spoon in oven

  51. Nora Alkanaan

    Nora Alkanaan

    Жыл мурун

    She put the wood spoon in the oven😱

  52. Alexandra Baznaru

    Alexandra Baznaru

    Жыл мурун

    Grandma: i bake you a pie Ell: wtf

  53. Daisy C4t8888

    Daisy C4t8888

    Жыл мурун

    Thanks for the laughs Lauren.... Or maybe it’s my sedation from having my tooth ripped out

  54. GingerNinja Buba

    GingerNinja Buba

    Жыл мурун

    She put a spoon in there!

    • GingerNinja Buba

      GingerNinja Buba

      Жыл мурун

      It’s gonna explode

  55. Alexis Dominguez

    Alexis Dominguez

    Жыл мурун

    Your nanny sounds like the most amazing person ever 😁

  56. Scottie Boi

    Scottie Boi

    Жыл мурун

    The grandma is just plain funny...

  57. KillerQueen msp

    KillerQueen msp

    Жыл мурун

    Lol 😂

  58. Lulu Moore

    Lulu Moore

    Жыл мурун

    I like the old way you drew yourself,but this is fine

  59. broken dreamsಥ‿ಥ

    broken dreamsಥ‿ಥ

    Жыл мурун

    You guys are funny❤😂

  60. Rosa S Aguilera

    Rosa S Aguilera

    Жыл мурун


  61. nhdgsf H j y

    nhdgsf H j y

    Жыл мурун

    She put the spoon in the oven

  62. Tornado valcano fork

    Tornado valcano fork

    Жыл мурун

    I love the grandma shes HALARIOUS XD

  63. Sophia Hammond STUDENT

    Sophia Hammond STUDENT

    Жыл мурун

    0:13 why the f**k are we making a pie

  64. Black Doger

    Black Doger

    Жыл мурун

    I wiuld watch this anime.

  65. シLaxii


    Жыл мурун


  66. シLaxii


    Жыл мурун

    I love the yt vids thos always starts my day

  67. Brayden Flores

    Brayden Flores

    Жыл мурун

    Hahaha I love it

  68. Eva_ikala 453

    Eva_ikala 453

    Жыл мурун

    Lol i love this, i made you fanart but my dad wont let me have instagram ;-;

  69. Strawbearry


    Жыл мурун

    OMG it’s so funny XD she put the falling pie mixture back on the plate or stuff then it broke into pieces XD

    • シLaxii


      Жыл мурун

      U play gta??

  70. Strawbearry


    Жыл мурун

    There’s something so fast in the start intro I had to do it a couple of times to read what it says so if u guys wanna know then it’s at 0:13

    • D_mo Dan

      D_mo Dan

      Жыл мурун

      I still could not read it 😢

  71. Sam Whitehouse

    Sam Whitehouse

    Жыл мурун

    Who else noticed ell put the real version on her vlog channel 😂😂😂

  72. Cristen Miller

    Cristen Miller

    Жыл мурун

    I love your grandma lol

    • eLL cartoons

      eLL cartoons

      Жыл мурун

      She loves you too 😊

  73. l o l a

    l o l a

    Жыл мурун

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    Жыл мурун

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    Angel Jones

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    Жыл мурун

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    kenny Hernandez

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    kenny Hernandez

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    Mirwaiz Faizi

    Жыл мурун

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  80. 4Seasons


    Жыл мурун

    I love your nanny.... she put a spoon in there...... it was beautiful..... she’s so calm.......

  81. ConfusedChipmunk


    Жыл мурун

    “I baked you a pie” “Oh boy what flavour?” “Pie, pie, pie”

  82. ella


    Жыл мурун

    i can’t this is too funny

  83. Ana Ruiz

    Ana Ruiz

    Жыл мурун

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  84. Fluffyfluff Fox

    Fluffyfluff Fox

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    Azana Browne

    Жыл мурун

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  86. Black Knight 413

    Black Knight 413

    Жыл мурун

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  87. SmidgeSmodge


    Жыл мурун

    your nan epic

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    Terri Henderson

    Жыл мурун

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  89. BFB Cloudy

    BFB Cloudy

    Жыл мурун

    Rip pie (pie) oof (you) .0. (Your grandma) it's supposed to do that (me) XD

  90. Sigfreid11


    Жыл мурун


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    Vusion Ninja

    Жыл мурун

    U swore on The writing

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    Snubble oxo

    Жыл мурун

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    eclipseveer _

    Жыл мурун

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    Sofia Lara

    Жыл мурун

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    Жыл мурун


  96. Victoria Foster

    Victoria Foster

    Жыл мурун

    My favorite one yet. I just scared my 2 dogs, 2 cats and husband I laughed so loud. Laying in bed at 11:45pm watching your videos is not good. 😂😁🛏️🤣

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    Mysteriousguy 06

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    jasmine Ynoa

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    BunBuns Plush Vids

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