How to NOT GO CRAZY (stuck indoors)

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  1. eLL cartoons

    eLL cartoons

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    Sup rat army? Next video will be a storytime, I promise :-) I've just been having so much fun reading your comments

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      eLL cartoons No No No plez stop ron. Sleep

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      sofia Vesander

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      Really like you

  2. Florence Brooke

    Florence Brooke

    18 саат мурун

    Ell I have a bird is sweet potato a girl or boy so I can get him or her a girlfriend or a boyfriend

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    Jay Romanik

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    Learn piano

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    nayelis Velazco

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    Set on a toilet for 15 minutes holding your breath until you want to eat

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    Maggie Tomas

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    Ell I like your name and your video

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    Lexas Jones

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    Damn ell damn ell

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    burnt coffee

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    Olivia Goss

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    Kamakura Kamakura Yas queen

    8 күн мурун

    *pee on the floor* I laughed my ass off lolol

  16. Abigail Galarza

    Abigail Galarza

    9 күн мурун

    I love how someone says pee on the floor and I think that’s the best idea to do in while we’re I lock down lol

  17. Abigail Galarza

    Abigail Galarza

    9 күн мурун

    I love the intro ell lol

  18. Crazy Weavers

    Crazy Weavers

    10 күн мурун

    Give pay back to you’re College roommate

  19. Green dude animations

    Green dude animations

    10 күн мурун

    At the end : ♥️ell = YELL

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    molly moo

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    that beggining is me every monday morning XD

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    Kiwi Gaming

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    Idk what to do eather I’m stuck inside and can’t think of anything to dad but wach ur videos

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    Heather Farnam

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    Yes watching anime forever

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    Emily Etherton

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    Yo u can disect play doh and pretend its a deer or a frog because no one is wachin

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    Karen Lowe

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    I LOVE YOU VIDSSSSSS and I'm pregnant

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    Belle Iteriteka

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    if your bored you can practice doing a backflip

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    You can go to school!!!!!! Did you know that.

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  32. Sarah Robb

    Sarah Robb

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    Thanks ell

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    rena davis

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    The whole sticky note one is advice because Debbie sucks lmao

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    sOpHiE fReNcH fRiEs

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    Akira and Kendra Bff forever

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    I’m crying because I don’t know how to make Eaman

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    Ashley Krusell

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    Nightmare kitten :3

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    Kari Cuyle

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    Elizabeth Smolinski

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    sofi chan

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    Y’all were already going crazy in March 🙄 *pathetic*

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    Jeremiah Murray

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    Amaya’z :D

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    Marco Kujala

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    Marco Kujala

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    Theshadow cookie

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