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My Worst Summer Job EVER

comment below if you think i should stay away from perverted pete.
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Thank you to the team of talented artists who helped me with this one! Their info is below:
▶ Joe Sulsenti - Designed the Old People | @jsulsenti1205 on Instagram
▶ GiGi - Backgrounds | @GigiDutreix on Twitter | YT Channel is kgkey.info/cd/VKvzOzmykGjrTYyNHxN9zQ.html?view_as=subscriber
▶Josh - Assistent Animator | @iamjoshalso on Instagram
▶ Meat Canyon - Voice of Grumpy Gus and Perverted Pete - *Warning* his channel is for ages 13+ kgkey.info/cd/91V6D3nkhP89wUb9f_h17g.html
Thank you for watching me lifeguard for the elderly...


  1. eLL cartoons

    eLL cartoons

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    HEY, Thanks for 100K subs. You are da best for realllll 😭

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      You’re welcome

  2. Monica Turnley

    Monica Turnley

    Күн мурун

    Susan: what is my life vest had a hole in it ell: you will still be standing because the pool is 4 feet and your 9 foot giraffe Susan: what? Ell: nothing me:wtf

  3. Zoie Gonzales

    Zoie Gonzales

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    Sidhe Kitty

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    You made your boss look like Mario

  5. LucaBelle Isaacson

    LucaBelle Isaacson

    2 күн мурун

    The lands of grandma and grandpa/ grave stone pool

  6. Pumpkin HamHam

    Pumpkin HamHam

    3 күн мурун

    Perverted Pete really said: CoRoNaViRuS when he coughs 😂😂😂😂

  7. Celinda1010 1

    Celinda1010 1

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    I must stay away from perverted Pete, we must stay away from perverted Pete, everyone must stay away from perverted Pete

  8. Ms Sinkivich rude

    Ms Sinkivich rude

    5 күн мурун

    Gus why the heck are you complaining of a leaf I bet you broke **s can’t even buy a mansion

  9. Ms Sinkivich rude

    Ms Sinkivich rude

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    When youuuu take a fake man and throw it all aroud

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      Jiyan Shokri

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      brunt spaghetti

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    Where tf is sweet potato

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    Fun fact this is the first video I watched from ell

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    Im new and I liked it I subbed to you, you make good content 👍

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    Ava's Mom

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    I like how you look in the cartoon and might be parked in or you look like that

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    Amanda Robinson

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    Ell I'm a kid and my name is Anakin Lee Robinson and I don't say bad words like the f word a word b word

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    1:27 lol

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    Omg you and the odd 1 is out are soooooo funny

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    😆 funny.

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    Emo Bunny

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    Rosario Matas

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    That water park sound like mine next to the a lake :o

  31. EternalBookworm


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    Rewatching this video during COVID and hearing Preverted Pete cough smacks differently

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    Justin Tavarez

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    Oh god is that gonna happen to me

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    Water park sounds and looks like dollywood

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      @eLL cartoons oh lol I did not expect you to reply

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      eLL cartoons

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      It was Hurricane Harbor in New Jersey 😱❤️🐀

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    Davidhhjj Halliwell

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      Davidhhjj Halliwell

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    Rockin' Ideas

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    Ell : old people hate me! Me : eh, I can get along with anyone! I JUST HATE PEOPLE ! But I like old people, they have good storys, they can be quite funny, and I've only EVER met one mean old lady and I didnt even who her personally!

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    Junk vids and stuff

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