Dad Vs. Grandma on Politics! (The TRUE STORIES Series)

*WARNING: Some bad language may be used during this video* "True Stories" is a series where I take audio from stupid family videos I've recorded in the past, and animate 'em into toons. It's really fun, especially because my family had no idea they were being recorded in the first place...... i know i'm a creep.
Hit 👍 on my video? if so, that means YOU are officially an ell rat 🐀🎉 (yeah it’s that easy lol). Welcome to the RAT ARMY!!!! I’m ell and I make doodle-stories about my life. My pet rat named Sweet Potato lives under my hat. I hope you enjoy my Animated Story! Let me know in a comment.
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Special thanks to:
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* Brandon Flecther for Shadows.
* Dad and Grandma for being good sports once they see this I hope please don't hurt me.
* All the love and support given by you (heart).


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    Nuclear fireRiding

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    Dude so funny

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    David Anon

    15 күн мурун

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    Flamingo’s biggest fan Henry

    16 күн мурун

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    Angel Melendez

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    woke koala

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      woke koala

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    Bsoul 4life

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    Bsoul 4life

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    SLIT Tyguymvp

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    Emma Pond

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  29. }S̺t̺r̺a̺w̺b̺e̺r̺r̺y̺ S̺h̺o̺r̺t̺C̺a̺k̺e̺{

    }S̺t̺r̺a̺w̺b̺e̺r̺r̺y̺ S̺h̺o̺r̺t̺C̺a̺k̺e̺{

    Ай мурун

    2017: -grandma visits- 2020: grandma ain't visiting this year.

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    GachaPotatoIzz Hall

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    3 years later Trump has COVID POLITICS SUCK

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    Idonthavefriendsg :3

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    Watermelon doggo 123

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    Watermelon doggo 123

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    Hayley's Animation Tribe

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    Isabel Martinez

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    • dingus


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    • Rachael DeAngelis

      Rachael DeAngelis

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      a person

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    Gerbil Fantastic

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    Jacob Reyes

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