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A Guy Was Obsessed with Me

HI.. SO, YEAH... THE DUDE WAS A HUGE CREEP... HELP! also a face reveal is at the very end lol.
enjoy the story! then Read my description! 🐀 important things r below 👀
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OH and big special thanks to Brittney for designing Chad and The Corner Creep! Thanks for your helping hand on this Brit!! And also thank you to Ben for doing the awesome backgrounds!!!
Brittney instagram: luckylungs
Ben: Uhh, I actually have to ask him... hang tight on this lol.
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    jodi menghini

    19 саат мурун

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  2. jodi menghini

    jodi menghini

    19 саат мурун

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  3. Stephanie Salan

    Stephanie Salan

    20 саат мурун

    But.. what guy was obsessed with you? Lol. Nice story tho

  4. Corinna Bell

    Corinna Bell

    4 күн мурун

    Weirdo corner man his hair is like a big furball😂

  5. Jay Romanik

    Jay Romanik

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  6. Yazlynn Swinburne

    Yazlynn Swinburne

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  7. Yazlynn Swinburne

    Yazlynn Swinburne

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    karl whitehand

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    XvortexX 1276

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  12. Creamy Icecat

    Creamy Icecat

    13 күн мурун

    One day, when I went to the supermarket, this guy, was smiling at me, and his mask was off his face. And he was wearing sunglasses. I was calling him Ted Bundy

  13. Hailey Barton-Mitchell

    Hailey Barton-Mitchell

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    Hailey Barton-Mitchell

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    Viry Pulido

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    Viry Pulido

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    Amy Anime Lover

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    PudgTastic !

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    Ryan Harris

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  22. ANIMATE,lps&vlogs creeps,love&friends

    ANIMATE,lps&vlogs creeps,love&friends

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  23. Akira and Kendra Bff forever

    Akira and Kendra Bff forever

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    • Akira and Kendra Bff forever

      Akira and Kendra Bff forever

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      Looks like you have no fortune

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    Akira and Kendra Bff forever

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      eLL cartoons

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    Gacha LayUwU Jones

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    Mia Millan Romero

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    sweet candy

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    Seeing Ell wear a cap instead of Bennie is so Blessed.

  32. PurpleEyE Demon

    PurpleEyE Demon

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    So in Chinese the name Debbie mean *DUMB PUSSY* Lol debbie

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    Aurora Vidales

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  41. Nathan Hoy

    Nathan Hoy

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  42. Chloehorseshoe :D

    Chloehorseshoe :D

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    You know the weird vibes u were talking about? my english teacher. EVERYONE agrees with me. to the point that I will start SHAKING if i'm the last person in the room with him.

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    Kallen Williams

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    Samantha Tobar

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    Brian Hess

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    ServinFam YT

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